Commit 005fa3d7 authored by Hans Mackowiak's avatar Hans Mackowiak

Font of Agonies: use new PayLife trigger

parent bbe8d794
Name:Font of Agonies
T:Mode$ PayLife | ValidPlayer$ You | TriggerZones$ Battlefield | Execute$ TrigPutCounter | TriggerDescription$ Whenever you pay life, put that many blood counters on CARDNAME.
SVar:TrigPutCounter:DB$ PutCounter | Defined$ Self | CounterType$ BLOOD | CounterNum$ X | References$ X
A:AB$ Destroy | Cost$ 1 B SubCounter<4/BLOOD> | ValidTgts$ Creature | TgtPrompt$ Select target creature | SpellDescription$ Destroy target creature.
Oracle:Whenever you pay life, put that many blood counters on Font of Agonies.\n{1}{B}, Remove four blood counters from Font of Agonies: Destroy target creature.
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