Commit 4fba4522 authored by Michael Kamensky's avatar Michael Kamensky

Merge branch 'hqpicdownloaderfix01' into 'master'

Fix HQ Pics Downloader - Backface images

See merge request core-developers/forge!1996
parents dd8ba357 b23f3d9a
......@@ -94,6 +94,7 @@ public class GuiDownloadPicturesHQ extends GuiDownloadService {
cardname = cardname.replace("'", "");
String scryfallurl = ForgeConstants.URL_PIC_SCRYFALL_DOWNLOAD + "named?fuzzy=" + cardname;
if(!setCode.equals("???")) scryfallurl += "&set=" + setCode.toLowerCase();
if(backFace) scryfallurl += "&face=back";
scryfallurl += "&format=image";
downloads.put(destPath, scryfallurl);
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