Commit 6f52632c authored by Michael Kamensky's avatar Michael Kamensky

Merge branch 'scrollRackReorder' into 'master'

When adding cards to library, insert "closest to top" card last

See merge request core-developers/forge!1986
parents c14ec038 e94cc348
......@@ -134,6 +134,9 @@ public class ChangeZoneAllEffect extends SpellAbilityEffect {
&& !sa.hasParam("Shuffle") && cards.size() >= 2 && !random) {
Player p = AbilityUtils.getDefinedPlayers(source, sa.getParamOrDefault("DefinedPlayer", "You"), sa).get(0);
cards = (CardCollection) p.getController().orderMoveToZoneList(cards, destination);
//the last card in this list will be the closest to the top, but we want the first card to be closest.
//so reverse it here before moving them to the library.
if (destination == ZoneType.Graveyard) {
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