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Magazine Insert Promos

See merge request core-developers/forge!3077
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Name=Magazine Inserts
4 C Fireball
5 C Blue Elemental Blast
8 C Jamuraan Lion
9 C Scent of Cinder
10 C Lightning Hounds
11 C Spined Wurm
12 U Warmonger
13 C Silver Drake
14 C Phyrexian Rager
15 R Shivan Dragon
16 R Darksteel Juggernaut
17 U Cunning Sparkmage
18 C Chandra's Outrage
19 U Chandra's Spitfire
20 R Kuldotha Phoenix
21 U Phantasmal Dragon
22 C Sandbar Crocodile
23 C Zhalfirin Knight
24 C Shrieking Drake
25 C Stream of Life
26 R Thorn Elemental
27 C Parallax Dementia
28 R Ascendant Evincar
29 R Archangel
30 U Cast Down
31 R Diabolic Edict
32 R Shock
33 U Lava Coil
34 R Duress
35 R Voltaic Key
36 U Daxos, Blessed by the Sun
37 R Staggering Insight
38 C Dark Ritual
39 R Sprite Dragon
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