Commit 99c88991 authored by swordshine's avatar swordshine

Merge branch 'hotfixDieharmoniconTrigger' into 'master'

TriggerHandler: fix Dieharmonicon with new TriggerKeys

See merge request !2144
parents efc84974 a90b6033
......@@ -735,8 +735,8 @@ public class TriggerHandler {
} else if (kw.startsWith("Dieharmonicon")) {
// 700.4. The term dies means "is put into a graveyard from the battlefield."
if (runParams.get(AbilityKey.Destination) instanceof String) {
final String origin = (String) runParams.get(AbilityKey.Destination);
if (runParams.get(AbilityKey.Origin) instanceof String) {
final String origin = (String) runParams.get(AbilityKey.Origin);
if ("Battlefield".equals(origin) && runParams.get(AbilityKey.Destination) instanceof String) {
final String dest = (String) runParams.get(AbilityKey.Destination);
if ("Graveyard".equals(dest) && runParams.get(AbilityKey.Card) instanceof Card) {
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