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This file is automatically updated by our release bot on Discord, Blacksmith. It is created from the files present in the 'release-files' directory. Please do not hand-edit this file if using the bot to perform a release, as your changes will be overwritten.
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Forge: 07/31/2018 ver 1.6.12
17902 cards in total.
Release Notes:
- New Cards -
Virtus's Maneuver; Vivid Flying Fish; Vivien Reid; Vine Mare; Viashino Pyromancer; Vampire Neonate; Vivien of the Arkbow; Volley Veteran; Victory Chimes; Valiant Knight; Vivien's Invocation; Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire; Vampire Sovereign; Vivien's Jaguar; Vigilant Baloth; Zndrsplt's Judgment; Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom; Khorvath Brightflame; Khorvath's Fury; Knight's Pledge; Kargan Dragonrider; Krav, the Unredeemed; Knight of the Tusk; Thrilling Encore; Two-Headed Zombie; Tezzeret's Strider; Thud; Trusty Packbeast; Toothy, Imaginary Friend; Tezzeret, Artifice Master; Tezzeret's Gatebreaker; Thrasher Brute; Thorn Lieutenant; Talons of Wildwood; Transmogrifying Wand; Tezzeret, Cruel Machinist; Take Vengeance; Confidence from Strength; Colorful Feiyi Sparrow; Court Cleric; Chromium, the Mutable; Cleansing Nova; Chakram Slinger; Chakram Retriever; Cavalry Drillmaster; Chaos Wand; Colossal Majesty; Catalyst Elemental; Cleansing Screech; Generous Patron; Gravewaker; Gallant Cavalry; Graveyard Marshal; Gearsmith Prodigy; Gigantosaurus; Greenwood Sentinel; Grothama, All-Devouring; Ghastbark Twins; Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma; Goblin Trashmaster; Goblin Motivator; Goblin Instigator; Gearsmith Guardian; Wall of Mist; Will Kenrith; Infernal Reckoning; Impetuous Protege; Inferno Hellion; Isolate; Isareth the Awakener; Inner Demon; Druid of Horns; Departed Deckhand; Drown in Shapelessness; Declare Dominance; Demon of Catastrophes; Dark-Dweller Oracle; Dragon's Presence; Doublecast; Desecrated Tomb; Draconic Disciple; Dwindle; Dwarven Priest; Dryad Greenseeker; Detection Tower; Diamond Mare; Daybreak Chaplain; Dragon's Hoard; Decorated Champion; Dismissive Pyromancer; Demanding Dragon; Journey for the Elixir; Jubilant Mascot; Jiang Yanggu; Archon of Valor's Reach; Arisen Gorgon; Amulet of Safekeeping; Ancestor Dragon; Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants; Aviation Pioneer; Ajani's Influence; Aegis of the Heavens; Archfiend of Despair; Angel of the Dawn; Ajani, Wise Counselor; Aggressive Mammoth; Arcades, the Strategist; Ajani's Last Stand; Aurora Champion; Ajani's Welcome; Aerial Engineer; Aggressive Instinct; Apex of Power; Abnormal Endurance; Aven Wind Mage; Armored Whirl Turtle; Alpine Moon; Arena Rector; Aethershield Artificer; Arcane Encyclopedia; Aether Tunnel; Arcane Artisan; Pir, Imaginative Rascal; Pir's Whim; Prodigious Growth; Patient Rebuilding; Purple-Crystal Crab; Poison-Tip Archer; Plague Mare; Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner; Psychic Corrosion; Psychic Symbiont; Proud Mentor; Runic Armasaur; Remorseful Cleric; Rowan Kenrith; Reckless Pangolin; Resplendent Angel; Rushblade Commander; Root Snare; Regna, the Redeemer; Ravenous Harpy; Regna's Sanction; Rhox Oracle; Regal Bloodlord; Revitalize; Rhythmic Water Vortex; Rustwing Falcon; Riddlemaster Sphinx; Leopard-Spotted Jiao; Lightning Mare; Lathliss, Dragon Queen; Liliana, Untouched by Death; Liliana, the Necromancer; Lich's Caress; Leonin Vanguard; Liliana's Contract; Leonin Warleader; Loxodon Line Breaker; Liliana's Spoils; Lore Weaver; Luxury Suite; Ley Weaver; Lena, Selfless Champion; Last One Standing; Hired Blade; Hardened-Scale Armor; Hieromancer's Cage; Heroic Reinforcements; Havoc Devils; Hungering Hydra; Heavenly Qilin; Herald of Faith; Hostile Minotaur; Nine-Tail White Fox; Nightmare's Thirst; Nicol Bolas, the Ravager; Novice Knight; Nexus of Fate; Soulblade Corrupter; Soulblade Renewer; Sacred White Deer; Sigiled Sword of Valeron; Spire Garden; Skyrider Patrol; Salvager of Secrets; Surge Mare; Siegebreaker Giant; Skilled Animator; Sylvia Brightspear; Stunning Reversal; Sarkhan's Unsealing ; Sarkhan's Dragonfire; Stormcloud Spirit; Serra's Guardian; Supreme Phantom; Suncleanser; Star-Crowned Stag; Satyr Enchanter; Skyscanner; Silverbeak Griffin; Sovereign's Bite; Sarkhan's Whelp; Sarkhan, Dragonsoul; Sai, Master Thopterist; Shield Mare; Strangling Spores; Sickle Dancer; Scholar of Stars; Skeleton Archer; Screeching Phoenix; Stitcher's Supplier; Sparktongue Dragon; Suspicious Bookcase; Sarkhan, Fireblood; Sea of Clouds; Spit Flame; Skalla Wolf; Brightling; Bonus Round; Bramble Sovereign; Blaring Recruiter; Blaring Captain; Brawl-Bash Ogre; Bogstomper; Bristling Boar; Bull-Rush Bruiser; Blood Divination; Bone Dragon; Bountiful Promenade; Breath of Fire; Earth-Origin Yak; Epicure of Blood; Exclusion Mage; Earthshaking Si; Elvish Clancaller; Elvish Rejuvenator; Uncomfortable Chill; Ursine Champion; Open the Graves; One with the Machine; Onakke Ogre; Okaun, Eye of Chaos; Fire-Omen Crane; Fountain of Renewal; Feiyi Snake; Fiery Finish; Frilled Sea Serpent; Fraying Omnipotence; Ferocious Zheng; Fell Specter; Mystic Archaeologist; Meteor Golem; Metamorphic Alteration; Morphic Pool; Mirror Image; Mistcaller; Moon-Eating Dog; Militia Bugler; Mu Yanling; Marauder's Axe; Qilin's Blessing
- Bug fixes -
As always, this release of Forge features an assortment of bug fixes and improvements based on user feedback during the previous release run.
- M19 Core Set -
- Deck generation -
Deck generation now fully uses Latent Derichlet Allocation to learn deck archetypes. The "card-based" random deck generation option is now replaced by this "archetype" based deck generation. Random archetype decks can be generated for Standard, Modern, Legacy and Vintage.
Deck generation uses data from more sources to increase the number of archetypes available.
- Brawl -
Brawl banlist updated
- Starter Cube -
Added Card Kingdom starter cube
- Hand filtering option -
There is now an option in the settings to enable MTG Arena style hand filtering - this generates two starting hands for each player and selects the one with the closest to average land count (for the deck).
Known Issues:
Online multiplayer functionality has been restored, but is still a Work in Progress. We do have a dedicated developer actively working on the online multiplayer feature.
"When you pay a cost" trigger for M19 cards don't work 100% correctly yet. We're still working on it.
Other known issues are here:
Feel free to report your own there if you have any.
The Forge archive includes a MANUAL.txt file and we ask that you spend a few minutes reading this file as it contains some information that may prove useful. We do tend to update this file at times and you should quickly read this file and look for new information for each and every new release. Thank you.
The archive format used for the Forge distribution is ".tar.bz2". There are utilities for Windows, Mac OS and the various *nix's that can be used to extract/decompress these ".tar.bz2" archives. We recommend that you extract/decompress the Forge archive into a new and unused folder.
Some people use the Windows application 7zip. This utility can be found at Mac users can double click on the archive and the application Archive Utility will launch and extract the archive. Mac users do not need to download a separate utility.
Once the Forge archive has been decompressed you should then be able to launch Forge by using the included launcher. Launching Forge by double clicking on the forge jar file in the past caused a java heap space error. Forge's memory requirements have increased over time and the launchers increase the java heap space available to Forge. Currently you can launch Forge by double clicking on the forge jar file without a java heap space error but this is likely to change as we add in more sounds, icons, etc.
- The Mac OS application version -
We haven't been able to distribute the OS X Application version of Forge in sometime. We've recently automated our release tools, and will continue to look in the viability of creating this file now that things are autoamted.
- Online Multiplayer -
For local network play you should only need two systems running Forge. One to host and one to join and play. For remote (over the Internet) play you will need to ensure that the port used (36743 by default) is forwarded to the hosting machine.
Active Contributors:
Indigo Dragon
Jamin Collins
(Quest icons used created by Teekatas, from his Legendora set
(Thanks to the XMage team for permission to use their targeting arrows.)
(Thanks to for providing some sound files.)
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