Commit 1311415a authored by Michael Kamensky's avatar Michael Kamensky

Merge branch 'patch-2' into 'master'

Update ControlExchangeAi

Closes #764

See merge request core-developers/forge!1065
parents 3895fd54 3dc438c3
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ public class ControlExchangeAi extends SpellAbilityAi {
list = CardLists.filter(list, new Predicate<Card>() {
public boolean apply(final Card c) {
return !c.getRules().getAiHints().getRemAIDecks() && c.canBeTargetedBy(sa);
return !ComputerUtilCard.isCardRemAIDeck(c) && c.canBeTargetedBy(sa);
object1 = ComputerUtilCard.getBestAI(list);
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