Commit e4bf96d5 authored by Michael Kamensky's avatar Michael Kamensky

- Remove an accidental commit of debug test in mobile-dev.

parent 44de14d0
......@@ -41,12 +41,12 @@ public class Main {
// Set this to "true" to make the mobile game port run as a full-screen desktop application
boolean desktopMode = true;//cmd.hasOption("fullscreen");
boolean desktopMode = cmd.hasOption("fullscreen");
// Set this to the location where you want the mobile game port to look for assets when working as a full-screen desktop application
// (uncomment the bottom version and comment the top one to load the res folder from the current folder the .jar is in if you would
// like to make the game load from a desktop game folder configuration).
//String desktopModeAssetsDir = "../forge-gui/";
String desktopModeAssetsDir = "./";
String desktopModeAssetsDir = "../forge-gui/";
//String desktopModeAssetsDir = "./";
// Assets directory used when the game fully emulates smartphone/tablet mode (desktopMode = false), useful when debugging from IDE
String assetsDir = AssetsDownloader.SHARE_DESKTOP_ASSETS ? "../forge-gui/" : "testAssets/";
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